Not Wonderland

The broken bulbs and flickering lights on the neon signs of Pleasure Island used to attract thousands. Now, it's home to only those left behind when its biggest businesses went to war with each other. They struggle to battle the drug ring that rules the Halloways' casino, or stay alive even if it means working in the Serpentis' strip club/ brothel. The kids of Pleasure island have become lost, searching for their souls in all of the worst ways, some breaking and others rising to the top, attempting to restore Pleasure Island to it’s former wonderland.

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Open for playing Tuesday, Sept 18

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A post about activity : For players

Hey guys, just wanted to check up with you all. It’s been a wonderful first week and I hope you’re all having a good time. Something I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention is activity. No one so far as been dramatically inactive, however activity also extends as far as your posting and involvement with other characters.

Please just be sure you are doing the following things:

  • Answering posts on the dash if you are online. If you’re on and talking, posts should not be going unanswered. It’s one thing if there are 20 people on and you happen to not say something to someone and they already have 5 people talking to them. But please don’t let posts go without a single person replying to them all day. It’s unfair to players that are trying to be active to have no one answer them.
  • Not bubble rping. This game is far more about plot than it is about ships. Please make sure you are playing with people outside of your ship or desired ship.
  • Making starter posts. This is very important. If you have not made a starter post recently, please do so. This is the easiest way for plot to happen and for people to interact with your character. If we continue to only see the same couple of people making starter posts, we may have to instate some kind of rule wherein everyone is required to make at least one starter in every 3-4 day span in order to not receive an activity warning.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or make any of you feel as though you are doing something wrong, just trying to make sure that things stay running as smoothly as they can and I hope you all do the same. Enjoy your evening!


Activity check. Players, please like this post in the next 24 hours

Para prompt week 1

I decided to do the pair assignments myself this time around, but next time we can do it differently if you would all prefer. Here’s the prompt for this weekend’s para. You can start it any time between now and Sunday but it’ll be meant to take place tonight. (If for some reason this doesn’t work with your character’s storyline, it can be changed). 

There is no major plot prompt, simply that there is a bad thunderstorm tonight. This is to encourage you all to develop something on your own that happens between your characters. (However, I did make sure I had something in mind that could possibly happen when making each of these pairs, so fi you’re stuck for ideas or want a push in a certain direction, just ask and I’ll give you a pair specific para prompt). Hopefully this is clear to everyone. Have fun!

The pairs are as follows:

  • Maddie & Nicoli
  • Emalie & Colby
  • Ryder & Kylie
  • Kennedy & Samantha
  • Owen & Jack
  • Sophia & Avery
  • CJ & Callie
  • Vivienne & Meg
  • Nolan & Alex
  • Rebecca & David
  • Abel & Lucian

Carrie’s characters have been excluded as she won’t be around most of the weekend. If anyone else has a situation like that please just let me know if you can’t participate.